SmarTire for Bus

"The wheels on the bus go round and round..."

When your cargo is people, safety is priority one. Getting from point A to point B safely and cost effectively is often determined where the rubber meets the road. But regular tire maintenance can be time consuming and costly to perform. With the rising price of fuel and the pressures of a global economy, reducing costs to increase profit margins is always in the forefront of a fleet manager's mind. How can your fleet improve efficiency and reduce operating costs while improving vehicle, passenger and driver safety?

Introducing SmarTire Bus:

Under-inflated tires are costly and dangerous. Tire blow-outs and fires present a serious risk to vehicle and passenger safety and under-inflated tires reduce tire life and fuel economy while increasing the potential for vehicle downtime. After all, most tire failures are the result of prolonged under-inflation which can be avoided by maintaining accurate inflation. SmarTire Bus is an active tire pressure and temperature monitoring system designed to simplify and automate a fleet's tire maintenance process resulting in an overall reduction of fleet operating costs. At the push of a button on the dash mounted display or wireless hand tool, the system provides accurate, real-time tire pressure and temperature information. With SmarTire Bus on board, drivers on the road and maintenance personnel in the yard will be able to easily maintain accurate tire pressures for each vehicle in their fleet.

Though maintaining accurate tire pressure for every tire on possibly hundreds of fleet vehicles can be a challenge, proper tire maintenance can have a significant impact on your bottom line. After all:

  • 90% of all tire failures are a result of tire under-inflation,
  • Almost half of all emergency roadside assistance calls are a result of tire failure,
  • 20% under-inflation reduces carcass life by 30%,
  • 20% under-inflation reduces tread life by 25%,
  • 20% under-inflation reduces fuel mileage by 2%.

Properly inflated tires will provide you with:

  • Longer tread life,
  • Longer tire carcass life and additional retreads,
  • Improved fuel economy,
  • Less vehicle downtime,
  • Improved vehicle, passenger and driver safety