OEM Overview

SmarTire is dedicated to developing and marketing the most technologically advanced tire monitoring systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the commercial truck, off-highway, bus and recreational vehicle markets. By aggressively leveraging our experience, technology, personnel and strategic partnerships, SmarTire is uniquely capable of meeting the needs of the world's most successful vehicle designers and manufacturers.

The Pressure of Research

Since its beginnings in 1987, SmarTire has invested millions of dollars in researching and developing its innovative wireless technologies. As an industry pioneer, SmarTire holds many of the fundamental patents to the design and functionality of direct tire pressure monitoring technology. With a history of industry proven success, SmarTire has arguably the world's best wireless tire pressure and temperature monitoring system on the market. With product configurations customized to virtually all vehicle industries, vehicle manufactures, fleet managers, motorists and passengers around the globe agree that SmarTire technology is the answer for wireless sensing applications.

Real Market Experience

From Commercial trucks, to mining equipment, to passenger automotive; SmarTire has done it all. By creating strategic partnerships with industry experts in distribution and manufacturing, SmarTire commands a defendable position in each of its core target markets. We understand the nature of mass-manufacturing and the unacceptable impact a product shortage would have on an industrial assembly-line. Our tier one business acumen combined with real-world sensibility make us the perfect technology partner for original equipment manufacturers. Essentially, our bottom line - is your assembly line.