Product Overview

SmarTire provides the industry's most advanced tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems (TPMS) for both aftermarket and OEM applications. Robustly designed for the harsh environment of a vehicle, our products directly monitor each tire independently in order to ensure that they are rolling safely and efficiently; no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.

We all know that tire maintenance is important, but we still often neglect our vehicles where the rubber meets the road. SmarTire TPMS products take the guess work out of tire inflation and maintenance. With SmarTire on board, you will have the confidence that your tires are always operating at their peak. The system provides on-demand, real-time tire pressure status and automatically warns the driver of an under-inflated tire before it becomes dangerous.

After all:

  • 20% under-inflation can reduce tire life by 30%
  • 20% under-inflation can increase tire wear by 25%
  • 20% under-inflation can reduce fuel economy by 3%

SmarTire has a variety of tire pressure and temperature products to meet the needs of any industry. Click the links at the left of the page to learn more about our innovative products.